Hi! I’m Claire Naughton, a 23-year-old from a quiet Midwest town who hopped on a plane after graduation instead of plunking down in an office chair. I decided to use graduation as a springboard to see the world, and recently bought a real backpacking-pack, so you could say it’s getting pretty serious, despite my mother’s text-query of “How much will you really use that?” (My cheeky response: “Well, probably a lot more once I actually have one….”)

This website was originally created as a personal space to share my post-grad experiences while I’m volunteering as an English teacher in Arequipa, Peru,  but I’ve since decided to take the bull by the horns and also work to develop a remote freelance writing business, in addition to expanding my blog to include personal essays. Weirdly, this is the least busy I’ve been since high school. Thanks, college.

I hold a BA in English Literature with an emphasis in creative writing from Kenyon College, and have most recently been published on RunnerClick, FluentU, my alma mater’s study abroad blog, edited a novel, contributed to Canada’s largest travel-destinations website, worked as a ghostwriter for a short-story outlet based in the States, and am in the midst of completing a biography on Ashley Carrithers.

Currently, I’m back home in the Chicagoland area working part-time at an international wedding retailer as a wedding dress specialist (I’m the person in black that takes appointments and helps gals find their *dream dress*). This spring is about getting my bearings while living at home and building up a big enough clientele and confidence base so that when I jump, I’ve got some time to give these new adult wings time to unfold.

In addition to writing and running, I am also an avid hiker, runner, horseback rider, reader, coffee-drinker (black), beer drinker (the darker the beer, the better the conversation), and lover of Spanish pop music–and dancing to said music.

Interested in working together? Contact me here.