Rambling back

Warmest hellos to the family, friends, and handful of lovelies I've never met but appreciate all the same, it's been quite a while! I've been living and working in Paris for a few months now and tonight I felt a wonderful release in my shoulders, one that has been building for quite some time. Writer's [...]

From Chasing Independence to Building Compassion

From Chasing Independence to Building Compassion

Hello, friends! As most of you know, I'm home, and (for the most part) loving itttt. Do I have moments where I have severe nostalgia for sternly telling one of my favorite students to stop standing on his chair, for eating an entire Las Gringas pizza in one sitting, giving weekly reports on my class [...]


#metoo   I've been debating all day whether or not to share; as usual the entire Internet has weighed in and been very polarized on the issue at hand: Is the #metoo empowering or not?   I've chosen to use it to empower myself, and I have nothing but love and respect for the individual [...]